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Blue Cloud Gallery


All my life I have been an art student. I've taken many classes but essentially I consider myself self-taught. I come from a very creative family. My grandmother, my mother, father and sisters were all artists in their own right. I admire them for all the projects they've completed while working and raising families.

My appreciation for the craft world dates back to an experience I had when I was 12. I had attended a craft festival where I was taken by the beautiful and interesting hand- made objects. The feeling was transforming, almost magical. I came home with an unglazed ceramic incense holder that I still treasure today. Little did I know that the craft world would be my future career.

As a child I drew constantly but later, in my early 20's, my attention "focused" on photography. It gave me instant gratification to capture my view of the world's beauty. Reflections in puddles and other forms of water became my way to interpret photography in a very realistic and yet impressionistic way. I've had several solo exhibits and won Best of Show for my surrealistic "Fish-Wall-Art", and had 2 pieces accepted in the Danforth Museum's Photographers' 2001 Show.

My professional experience in the world of fine crafts began in 1994 when I started working at the award-winning Cambridge Artists' Cooperative in Harvard Square. We selected, displayed and sold the work of over 200 artists in a wide variety of media. I was involved in choosing the work for the store and, for seven years, I managed the gallery.

As the new owner of Blue Cloud Gallery in Somerville, I am looking forward to incorporating all the knowledge I gathered working for so many fine craftspeople. I strongly believe in promoting local artisans, and am thrilled to bring their talents to the attention of my customers in the form of unique, handcrafted gifts that they can't find anywhere else. My personal expertise as a fine art photographer has given me a strong visual sense perfect for designing displays for art and craftwork so as to show it off to its best advantage. As I curate the work for my new gallery, I specifically look for uniqueness, salability and especially, fine workmanship.

Betsy Lenora
Owner, Blue Cloud Gallery