Blue Cloud Gallery


Events in Somerville, MA at Blue Cloud Gallery, with our featured artists of the month.



The Artist of the Month is

ANNE SHUMAN anneSpirationZ!

Anne is a fiber artist and designer. She loves to use yarn and fabric as a medium to create all sorts of interesting, beautiful, and whimsical things to wear. Anne has been exploring the concept of recycling and reusing materials. Using odds and ends of scrap yarn, she knits them into hats, scarves and sweaters. Anne came up with her idea to make T-Skirts out of a bag full of old favorite T-shirts. Her over-dyed T-Skirts have elastic waistbands and come in 2 sizes: small/medium and large/XL. There are 2 designs: flared or tiered. Normally sold for $125, at Blue Cloud Gallery they are $79.

Warm fleece wraps and ponchos are another of Anne Shuman's specialties. She embroiders them and decorates them with bits of yarn. When the cold winds are blowing inside or out, you'll be snugly warm with one of her creations wrapped around you. They are enough to chase your winter blues away! And at $79, you can buy one for mom! One size fits all.

Stop by Blue Cloud Gallery to enter a raffle for a FREE warm and cozy fleece ski band, your choice of colors, made by Concord, MA artist, Anne Shuman. 

Blue Cloud Gallery is offering a chance to win a FREE item made by the Artist of The Month - every month. This is a new tradition where every month, Blue Cloud Gallery will feature an artist and offer something they have made for free in a raffle. All you have to do is stop by and put your name and contact information into our raffle box. No purchase necessary.