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Events in Somerville, MA at Blue Cloud Gallery, with our featured artists of the month.


April 19th Earring and Pin Workshop

Explore your creativity in a fun and productive way! In this workshop, we make earrings and pins out of fun foam and recycled tin cans. These colorful earrings and pins are very light, easy to make and can be completed in a short amount of time. Somerville artist Lenni Armstrong supplies fun foam, pre-cut tin cans of a variety of colors and patterns, and earring wires. You bring scissors, an exact-o knife, a cutting board, metal ruler and super glue. In two hours, it’s possible to make several pairs of earrings and/or pins!
Wed. April 19th,  7-9 pm
BLUE CLOUD GALLERY, 713 Broadway, Ball SQ, Somerville
CONTACT: Betsy Lenora -
As a girl, I made earrings and sold them to my friends. As an adult, I fell in love with working in fun foam and tin cans. It's easy on the hands and the materials are so cheap! It's much more about the design process. When I work, I like to have several pairs of earrings going at the same time. When I stumble onto a look I really like, I spread the idea to other earrings in progress. I love working with color, shapes and textures to produce a wearable design in a short amount of time!